What to Expect


  1. Complimentary evaluation to determine if I’m a good fit for you (10 minutes)
  2. Schedule appointment
  3. Electronic questionnaires to fill out
  4. Initial consultation
    1. History and physical exam
    2. Blood tests and labs are ordered
    3. Receive recommendations, treatment plan, prescriptions, etc
  5. Follow up visits  scheduled at initial consultation. Necessary to continue to optimize your progress


I’m excited to share what I have for you and how I can benefit you as my client.  I’m structuring the way I serve clients in 6 month packages. I am adding the packages, to provide you more value with more doctors visits, labs, and enhanced accountability at a reduced fees.


My goal is optimal health for each person. Just like a car needs routine oil changes, we need routine work. And just like olympic athletes, we all need someone who has our back and can offer us the advice we need to hear when we need it. The clients that I have implemented this new program with, really love the savings that comes along with the value added at reduced pricing. If you choose single visits instead of packages, they will be $250 for your first each year with additional visits priced at $150.


Choose your program


Fabulous 6

  • 1 in-person visit  & physical examination
  • 4 telemedicine video visits 
  • nutritional recommendations based on labs
  • laboratory result analysis
  • limited email communication
  • prescriptions and testing ordered as needed
  • VALUE $1000
  • cost $600
  • savings $400


Precision 6

  • 7 visits in-person, video, tele-health
  • 2 physical exams
  • 2 comprehensive lab panels, at the beginning and end of treatment (value $350ea.)
  • concierge blood draws at home
  • laboratory testing analysis
  • nutritional recommendations based on labs
  • prescriptions and testing ordered as needed
  • email the doctor
  • call the office for 
  • VALUE $1800
  • cost $1200
  • savings $600


Elite 6

  • unlimited visits, office / house-calls, video, tele-health, physical exams
  • 3 elite lab panels ($500 each), included
  • concierge blood draw at home
  • laboratory testing analysis
  • micronutrient testing, stool and urine testing (over $1000 value)
  • 10 Revive IVs at home or at your office, included
  • best routine of supplements, included
  • nutritional recommendations based on labs
  • concierge doctor cell-phone access
  • urgent care visits, included
  • monthly hormone prescriptions, included
  • VALUE $8,000
  • cost $5,000
  • savings $3,000


Payable by cash, check, FSA, HSA, credit, or debit.  Call 480.331.1785 or email DrRaisanen@LifeDocAZ.com with questions.