Learning From Past Failures – Kimberly Miner – Episode 47

Kimberly Miner let go of her past, not letting it define her future.

Kim grew up like many children, craving the love of their father and his accepting her as she was, completely. She began partaking in behaviors that were destructive and of her own choosing. While on the competitive elite dance circuit, she was diagnosed with bone tumors which effectively removed her from dance, taking away her entire identity she had created for herself.

Living through a path of failed relationships and broken behaviors, and finally barely surviving 3 pulmonary emboli, Kim was finally able to come to see herself for the person she was, a woman living with learned helplessness. Kim through learning why her past as creating her almost certain future, chose a new course, took her power back, began loving herself, and started moving into a future of unlimited possibility.

Kimberly Miner is now a transformational speaker and consultant, and creator of the Envision You: The Transformation Starts Here women’s summit. Having had a successful career in corporate sales, Kim launched her own company Wholistic Living, Health and Wellness where she empowers others in putting the pieces together in their lives.

If Kim’s story resonated with you, consider joining her summit coming up at https://envisionyousummit.today/

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