Neurological Treatment with Homeopathy – David Kirk – Episode 49

Dr. David Kirk is a world-class naturopathic physician who primarily practices homeopathy in his medical practice. His successes with severe neurological cases like bipolar, schizophrenia anxiety and depression are well known. Today he gets on the podcast with me to discuss what his journey to utilizing homeopathy was like, what he does as a physician to help heal conditions that are thought to be incurable.

Dr. Kirk is a naturopathic physician who specializes in mental health and the natural treatment of severe neurological conditions. He explores the depths of the human soul and works to connect his patients with the love and spirit of the Earth. Dr. Kirk uses natural medicines to heal brain pathways and regrow neural connections.  You can find him leading workshops in Southern California, and guiding folks along the journey of contacting the spirit of plant medicines.

Hope you guys enjoyed the podcast!


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