No More Mister Nice Guy – Dr. Robert Glover – Episode 59

Dr. Glover is a recovering nice guy. Dr. Glover was proud to say he was a nice guy about himself through much of his early adult life.


He really was a Nice Guy. He treated treat people well, and he wanted to be liked. He couldn’t understand why everyone didn’t have a similar personal mantra.


While in his early 30’s, in spite of his unwavering faith in this philosophy, his life was in crisis. One marriage had ended. A second one wasn’t going so well. His career dreams were stalled. He was frustrated, resentful, and confused. He wasn’t so nice.


He decided to start working on his situation. He joined a men’s group and started working with a therapist. Honestly, his initial goal was to find out why the people around him weren’t responding so well to his Nice Guy philosophy, and he wanted to find out how to get them to change. Within a short amount of time, he came to see that the problem was HIMSELF. He had an agenda. He had no boundaries. He was indirect. He was passive-aggressive. He wasn’t honest. He wasn’t always so nice.


His life’s work and passion began when Dr. Glover was making Nice Guy discoveries about himself. He noticed that men he worked with in his practice as a marriage therapist were making the same kind of statements about their partners that he had been making about his. He found that he could finish their sentences for them.


Common questions and comments he gets are; “How come I always seem to give so much more than I get? All I want is to be appreciated. Is that asking too much? I can never do it right. She’s always mad. When will it be my turn? She never wants to have sex anymore.”


Dr. Glover is the creator of Dating Essentials for Men and the director of TPI University.


Dr. Glover lives in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Dr. Glover is an internationally recognized authority on the Nice Guy Syndrome. He is a frequent guest on radio talk shows and has been featured in numerous local and national publications.


Through his book, No More Mister Nice Guy, his online classes, workshops, podcasts, blogs, consultation, and therapy groups, Dr. Glover has helped change the lives of countless men and women around the world.


As a result of his work, Dr. Glover has helped thousands of Nice Guys transform from being passive, resentful victims to empowered, integrated males. Along with these personal changes have come similar transformations in these men’s professional careers and intimate relationships.



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