Phoenix Police Sergeant (ret.) Steve Wamsley M.Ed (2 of 2) – Episode 57

Sergeant Steve Wamsley retired from the police force after 39 years. Steve joins me to share a perspective as a leader of men, an educator and a retired police officer with the City of Phoenix. This is episode 2 of 2.


Some of the topics Sergeant Wamsley and I speak about in this podcast are: 

  • Homicide investigations
  • Future of police force
  • Concealed carry, self defense
  • Police abuse of power
  • Abuse of power and authority
  • Anonymity doesn’t exist
  • Doing 10 years in prison due to destruction
  • Reckless use of a firearm
  • Closure on the abuses of today
  • How the current criminals will be captured
  • Stopping predators and murders
  • Dishonor amongst thieves
  • Hard work never killed anybody
  • Communism
  • TAKE ACTION in your community and GET INVOLVED!!
  • Apathy is the enemy
  • Voting is CRITICAL!!
  • Confirming your mail-in-ballot vote
  • Espionage and spying
  • The world is not ending
  • George Floyd protests
  • Anarchists being arrested
  • Closure on riots and violence
  • Affirmative action discrimination


Sergeant Wamsley’s knowledge, skills and abilities include supervision of narcotics, prostitution and auto theft operations along with property crime investigations. Sergeant Wamsley has experienced several critical incidents in his career and has been involved in multiple “line of duty shootings.” As a result of his experiences, he was able to assist in establishing the first Critical Incident Stress Management Team for the Phoenix Police Department, and is currently one of the most tenured members in its 30 year existence.


Sergeant Wamsley’s specialty is now Stress Management, delivering a dynamic presentation for newly appointed police officers. Other topics of instruction include mental illness, post-shooting stress and problem solving. He was a volunteer grief counselor for New Song, an organization working with families dealing with the loss of loved ones.


Sergeant Wamsley developed a presentation titled; How to Heal delivering it to police groups, fire departments, first responders, businesses and church groups within his community. He holds a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership from Northern Arizona University. 


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