Results You Can Have

I use personalized, time-tested nutritional and lifestyle excellence to get clients to reverse their diabetes and obtain a normal weight. The solutions at the same time are helpful in preventing heart attacks, strokes, common cancers, and dementia.

My clients get so well that some of the medications they take become too much for them. They would be over-medicated for their blood pressure, cholesterol, or blood sugar. They get so well they have to stop their medicine to be safe. Many times, I start men with low testosterone on testosterone replacement therapy to get them back to their youthful, strong, lean energetic selves.

To be so well you don’t need medicine is the goal, not just stopping taking your medication. Stopping medicine just because you want to is NOT safe, or recommended.  Prescriptions for blood sugar, blood pressure, and weight loss are primarily permission slips, giving people a false sense of security because numbers are in control. The internal balance is still not right, just manipulated. Why don’t we look at what the cause is and fix that!

What I do with patients:

  1. Great intake, history and physical
  2. Blood testing drawn in the comfort of your own home
  3. Prescribe necessary hormones or medication
  4. Prescribe necessary nutrients or herbal medicines
  5. Monthly follow up and accountability, because once never worked…ever
  6. Telemedicine option (video visit from the comfort of your own home!!)


Are you motivated and ready to take your health into your own hands with expert guidance?

Tomorrow never comes…

Take your power back!

Sincerely, Dr. Peter Raisanen, NMD