Taking Back Responsibility

Responsibility — “the ability to respond

When you own something, it allows you to have the power to change and influence it. The converse is blaming someone, something like your genetics, dog, spouse, mother in law, or your great aunt Sally. When you blame someone or something else for your issues, you give away your power. When this happens, then that issue is something that you are saying you inherently don’t have power over, and you look to doctors and other people to fix you. Now these people can be useful, but most of the time not needed for healing someone.

Take responsibility, look within and own your gifts, faults, trials, difficulties, and your success. When you own it all, you have the power to change yourself and begin to thrive.

Many people hang around people who bring them down, daily. You have the power to walk away and reclaim a happy good life without negativity and scum. Start creating real boundaries. Don’t let people walk on you then blow up. It is your fault if that happens. I know how that is, because I have let that happen to me. Being too scattered. Stop it. Now. Start reclaiming your power and your life.

That’s it for now. Now go own your day for all it has and choose to respond how you need to to obtain what you’re committed to.

Sincerely, Dr. Peter Raisanen, NMD