Kim lost weight, kicked anxiety, and feels great!


Kim came to LifeDoc post-breast cancer treatment, on medication and experiencing changing moods, 30lb weight gain, and anxiety about her current health status, wanting the best plan to follow to get rid of her symptoms, give her optimal health, feelings of vitality and well-being. Kim takes responsibility for her health and enrolls others in her life to live as optimally as she does. Watch this video and listen to Kim’s experience!

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David is reversing his type II diabetes!


David came to LifeDoc with type II diabetes, on insulin, gaining weight, worsening peripheral neuropathy, and paying over $4,500 annually for medicine, on Medicare. Over the past 5 months, he’s lost over 50 lb and has cut over 60% of his medication, and is no longer spending money on medications! We’re well on the way to a slim, medication free, healthy David!

Ramona’s digestive problems are in remission!


Ramona came to LifeDoc to see if we could use food as medicine for autoimmune ulcerative colitis. She is now in remission using food as medicine. Ramona took her health to the next level and is reaping the benefits! No medications, exuberant health, and abundance.

Joan lost over 130lb and no longer has IBS!

Joan and David R. – Oregon, USA

“My goal was to alleviate Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS-D (Diarrhea))– something I have dealt with for over 42 years.  My husband’s goal was to no longer need hypertension medication and to normalize his blood pressure.


Dr. R is one of the kindest, gentlest souls I have ever met.  When you discuss your health situation and concerns with him, he gives you his undivided attention.  He really listens and there is no doubt in your mind that he truly cares about you.


We each followed our unique plan and, between our feedback, our labs, and our daily vital signs, Dr. R would advise us if any changes were necessary.  The personal attention we received was such a blessing. David’s and my healing results were almost immediate.  My IBS stopped, David was able to go off his medication, his blood pressure normalized, and we both lost a significant amount of weight.  David received another benefit in that he no longer needs a CPAP machine or snores.


We were given great and thorough instructions to follow. My IBS has not returned.  I feel free from food addiction – a gift that I never even thought to ask for. I am at my ideal weight, down from 257 to 120lb, a total of 137lb!


One of the first things I remember Dr. R telling me was that ” you are going to lose a lot of weight and feel great from this point forward”.  Those couldn’t be truer words for both David and me.  We will be forever grateful to Dr. R.”

Gabe started anti-aging!!

Gabriel K. – 56yo – Seattle, Washington – Machinist


“Four years ago, I was suffering from low back pain, overweight, stiffness, aches, pains and what I thought was just normal aging. After following Dr. R’s advice, my life has turned around 180 degrees!


I sought out Dr. R’s advice on how to, if possible, to return to my youthful health. he gave me a plan that started to work on my body about a week after implementing it.


Overall, my weight has decreased dramatically; 185lb down to 145lb, and my waist from 34 to 30inches. My sleep, which was lousy, is now incredible. My digestion is tremendous, and my energy and stamina at work surpass many of the young men in their 20’s and 30’s! I feel absolutely incredible!


Thank you, Dr. R, you’ve changed my life.”

Andrew quit smoking and reprogrammed himself for success

Andrew – Lake Stevens, WA


“Five years ago I was finally able to quit smoking. I had smoked more than a pack a day for over 30 years, and calculate that in that time I paid Philip Morris over $80,000. Had I invested this money instead of smoked it, I would be wealthy today. Although my behavior was irrational, I was powerless against my addiction. I had quit twice a year for twenty years, trying every cessation program and never lasting more than a day or two. That is, until I met Peter Raisanen.


It was a weekend retreat, and I told Peter I was trying to quit. I had made it 24 hours at that point. Peter was instantly at work, although not yet in practice, as he was still a student at Bastyr. He stopped suddenly and looked at me intently. His advice I will never forget. “ Andrew, every time you feel you want a cigarette, I want you to stop and really think, and ask yourself ‘Why do I want this cigarette? What is it doing for me?’” Peter then made some further recommendations regarding breathing and relaxation exercises, customized me a diet rich in phytonutrients, and followed up with me, offering encouragement and support. I followed his program and have never looked back.


It is Dr. Raisanen’s ability to completely center his powers of healing and insight on the patient and see deep into their personal circumstances that makes him so effective. He has a rare gift, and shares it so personally your cure is certain. If you need to make difficult personal change that you have heretofore found impossible, Dr. Raisanen is the one who can help you become whole.”

Judy really connected with Dr. Raisanen

Judy – Rhode Island – Small business owner


“My husband and I got to know Dr. Raisanen as the chief resident spent 3 weeks at True North Health Center. My husband was recovering from Guillain Barre Syndrome and I wanted to complete a supervised water-fast.


Dr. Raisanen’s bedside manner is really special. He has a very warm, caring and friendly approach. He wears a very warm smile. No question was too small, nor too many. He would patiently answer our questions. He has a true gift with people and a passion for helping others make healthy choices. He just exudes positivity and confidence.


We also attended some of his education courses. He is very knowledgeable and presented some very interesting and thought-provoking topics.


Definitely choose Dr. R as your own personal doctor.”