The Obstacle is the Way

What lies in between you and your outcome you so desire and are committed to? Choose that thing.

Let me explain. So here you stand, and your commitment is out in front of you. Something all of a sudden is in between you and your goal, seemingly preventing you from attaining or obtaining your committed result.  So what do you do? You choose that thing that is in the way. In choosing it, you start thinking of your options and how to do it, instead of fighting it or trying to circumnavigate the impediment, go straight for it to hit it straight on… you either get into action faster and get through the issue, or realize that it was only a mirage.

A few examples of choosing struggle. Being fully in the moment and loving someone you lost, instead of trying to numb out with substances or risky behavior. Losing your health in an accident and choosing the struggle to recover. This could be anything that has just gotten in front and center in your mind when you asked yourself, “what do I really want for my life?”.

What if you don’t choose your struggle? You may not be living the fullest life you could be living.

Welcome the struggle and go GET AFTER IT! You’ll win your confidence and your life.

Sincerely, Dr. Peter Raisanen, NMD