United States Marine – GySgt Manuel J Garza – Episode 55


Manny J Garza, Gunnery Sergeant, Marines (ret. 21 yrs) joins me on The Rise Again Podcast to talk about his service to the United States of America as a Marine Infantryman.


Growing up in Midland, Texas, Manny Garza decides to join the Marine Corps in 1996 a moment of spontaneity. He joined the Marines as an infantryman. He talks about basic training and the fitness required to be a fit soldier, the ups and downs of training to be a soldier in the nation’s elite fighting force.


Manny shares on this podcast the details of battle and the daily hair-raising life on the front lines, defending freedom for Iraq, from the insurgents waging a battle from hell on the citizens of Ramadi and on the young soldiers on the front lines in Ramadi stationed at Combat Outpost.


He served as a Staff Sergeant as a Blackhearts in the Battle of Ramadi, Iraq in 2004 with Fox Company, 1st Marine Division, 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines, a team that saw more action than most soldiers in Iraq detailed in the exploits of Sergeant Major Patrick Tracy in the best-selling book, Street Fight In Iraq.


Garza also shares the anticlimactic return home that soldiers face leaving their time in the service. He spends most of his time fishing and living the life he wants on the home front, a place he took an oath to protect and defend against invaders, foreign and domestic.



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