Wellness Entrepreneur and Attorney – Jacey Messer – Episode 58

Jacey Messer is a former athlete, attorney, coaches wife and mom to 3 amazing works of art.

Jacey grew up in a small rural community in South Dakota with not one stoplight. Her childhood was idyllic spending summers at the lake, riding horse with friends and building elaborate snow forts during winter blizzards. A decorated high school track career led her to Augustana College in Sioux Falls, South Dakota on a track and field scholarship.

It was at Augustana College where she met her future husband Mitch Messer. They were married in 2001 and moved to Missoula, Montana three months later, so Jacey could start law school at the University of Montana.  After law school, Jacey started a job as a Public Defender in Bozeman, Montana. After the birth of their first child in 2007, Jacey left the PD’s office. For ten years Jacey worked as a jewelry designer, project coordinator and retail buyer for the family business.

It was during this period that Jacey’s health began to deteriorate due to stress and toxic products in their home. She suffered repeated infections. This led her to replace as many toxic products as she could find with natural, plant-based alternatives. In a very short amount of time her health began to rebound and her entrepreneurial spirit ignited! She now helps other families learn to read food and product labels in order to make better product choices to preserve their health.

If Jacey’s story resonated with you, consider joining her upcoming 60 Day Challenge to eat healthier, feel better and work on that weight loss!


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