Who Are You? – Node Smith – Episode 54



Who are you, really? Dr. Node Smith, ND, is the critical thinker and actor of today. Questions that he asks are fundamental, and the absolute keys to living a great life. Node shares perspectives and fundamental knowledge that are transformative at their core. Read on.
Node Smith is a licensed naturopathic doctor in Oregon, and living in Saskatchewan Canada. Node’s main objective in working with people is transformation, and he prefers to work with individuals at the most fundamental level possible, illuminating the core obstacles preventing people from living to their true potential, and making the types of changes they already know they want to make. He does not see “health” as limited to physical symptoms, and loves to consult and coach individuals in business, relationships, trauma, and spiritual areas.
Node is currently awaiting immigrant status in Canada, but is taking on a small number of clients in the United States. He is also the current associate editor and continuing education director for Naturopathic Doctors News and Review.
Topics discussed:
  • Failure Relationships being the key to life and success
  • Relationship to self
  • Self knowledge and discovery
  • Personal development and growth
  • Mentorship
  • Stoicism
Books discussed:
  • 12 Rules for Life: Jordan Peterson
  • Resilience: Eric Greitens
  • The Obstacle Is The Way: Ryan Holiday
  • The Daily Stoic: Ryan Holiday
Podcast discussed:
  • The Order of Man
Contact information:
Email: nodesmith.nd@gmail.com
Node’s wife Charity’s clinic: https://www.xenoshealth.com

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